Creative Blog Post

Deep in the ocean,
Where the trees don’t grow.
Lays large mechanical pipes,
Where the humans don’t know.
Although these pipes are considered safe as can be,
Sometimes they explode, in the deep blue sea.

We need to consider the dangers that can occur,
Or everything we once knew can become a blur.
Drilling the precious resource known as oil.
Digging it up and burning it is causing the earth to boil.

There are many ways to dig this resource,
May it be through drilling or scouring,
We want to get all of this source.

To transport this item, we use boats and trucks,
But the most efficient method, is the use of pipes, to suck it up.
We lay these pipes, in the J, S and reel form
But each method, depends on how much each person is informed.
May the location be deep or shallow each method will work
But depending on the surroundings there may require a great amount of earthworks.
Some of the concerns are icebergs and bad weather
These problems can rip the pipes out of the ground as if they are as light as a feather

Overall, there is lots more to explore
In terms of ocean oil extracting, we can still explore a lot more

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